Pilot Project A+B: Geothermal Refrigeration and Freezing Facility at Savusavu and Waikatakata Hot Spring, Natewa


Project A is on-grid Project B is off-grid. The projects cover a central refrigeration facility for Savusavu and off-grid for Natewa Village and surrounding villages (1000 people). Project A has a higher economic potential, whereas project B is of higher social humanitarian relevance to improve the health and living conditions. There is no electricity and chiller available within 90 minutes’ drive of Natewa village.

A Strategic Research Theme Project (SRT) by the University of the South Pacific (USP) in collaboration with UNSW Australia.

This pilot project aims at demonstrating a clean geothermal power solution for off-grid use in the South Pacific. The long term aim is to integrate multiple uses of naturally available geothermal heat for electric power, 

cooling solutions and providing fresh water and other direct heat uses to local communities. The pilot project develops a central freezing and geothermal absorption chilling facility for Natewa Bay (below photo) as the first step using a comparatively low risk direct heat technology. The project is a seed for establishing an international alliance for a cleaner developing world,

“Win – Win” situation between landowners, government and the mining industry in the South Pacific

Project Leader: Dr. Holger Sommer

School of Geography, Earth Science and Environment

Faculty of Science, Technology and Environment

http://www.geothermalcities.com & http://www.holgersommer.de


About the project:

This project develops a clean geothermal power solution for the South Pacific.