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Abstract Deadline

Fiji Geothermal workshop abstract deadline is the 15th of september 2017. We cordially invite you...

Our Speakers

Prof. Klaus Regenauer-Lieb Head of School UNSW Petroleum Engineering

Specialised in Geodynamics and Geothermal Energy

Dr. Holger Sommer Senior Lecturer at the University of the South Pacific at the School of Geography, Earth Science and Environment

Specialised in Mineralogy and Petrology, Fluid Rock Interaction, Ore deposits, Geothermal Energy

Sponsor Display

Sponsored by the Strategic Research Theme (SRT) project of the University of the South Pacific and the Grand Climate Challenge Initiative of UNSW Australia

“Geothermal energy is found widely in the South Pacific Islands, and therefore conceivable that other considerations will determine events when the time comes to decide which islands shall receive support. Knowledge of local geothermal systems must be developed, along with slow and careful steps to implement growth in this sector.”

ÁsmundssonR.K., South Pacific Islands Geothermal energy for electricity production. 2008, Icelandic International Development Agency p. 24.